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Turf Reinforcement Mats

Thurston Avenue - Akron, Ohio

Owner - City of Akron

Designer - City of Akron

General Contractor - Michael Construction

Geosynthetic Provider/Installer -
PS Construction Fabrics, Inc.


The city of Akron created a new drainage channel to alleviate drainage problems. A permanent Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) was installed at the bottom of the channel where continuous water flow would not support vegetation. A temporary erosion control mat (excelsior) was installed along the upper sides of the channel where vegetation is readily attainable. TRMs need to be strongly considered where hydraulic properties such as velocity and shear stress exceed the limits of un-reinforced vegetation.

A high performance TRM could have replaced the rock rip-rap used on the project. Landlok TRMs are 100% synthetic in composition; therefore, the benefits are consistent and long term. EC Design 2000 is a comprehensive computer design package available through PS Construction Fabrics at your request. Successful applications have three components: professional design, proper installation and precise product selection.