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Crack Reinforcement and Waterproofing

Sharbrook - Sharon Township

Owner - Sharon Township

Designer - Sharon Twp. / Medina Co.

General Contractor - K & M Construction

Geosynthetic Provider/Installer -
PS Construction Fabrics, Inc.


An existing concrete, residential street began to exhibit rapid deterioration at the joints. Full depth joint repair is acceptable, but expensive. The existing joints were cleaned and sealed with an asphalt cement/fiber blend. Deteriorated areas were marked out. Deteriorated areas were to be waterproofed and reinforced with a composite overlay product, STARGRID + PF. The cul-de-sac was in extremely poor condition and required full coverage. The roadway was then paved with an intermediate course followed by a 4 oz./sy overlay fabric and then topped with a finish course of hot mix asphalt. The construction costs were minimized and the inconvenience to the residents was barely noticeable. The township expects many years of continued service.