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Pavement Waterproofing/Reinforcement

Drake Road - Cuyahoga County

Owner - Cuyahoga County

Designer - Cuyahoga County Engineer

General Contractor - Karvo Paving

Geosynthetic Provider/Installer -
PS Construction Fabrics, Inc.


This project incorporated a composite paving mesh. The product, GlasGrid CG-50 is a high tensile strength low strain grid attached to a nonwoven paving fabric. The grid provides a means to stop or retard the formation of reflective cracks in the finish surface course. The nonwoven paving fabric, when installed with asphalt cement as a mastic, provides a waterproof membrane to stop water, salt and dirt from penetrating to the base courses which would accelerate the deterioration process. This paving composite is another pavement enhancement designed to protect the investment that an owner has made in the pavement section.