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Joint Reinforcement & Overlay Fabric

Everhard Road - North Canton, Ohio

Owner - City of North Canton

Designer - City of North Canton

General Contractor - Superior Paving & Materials, Inc.

Geosynthetic Provider/Installer -
PS Construction Fabrics, Inc.


What’s better than one layer of waterproofing and reinforcement? TWO! Hats off to the City of North Canton! The City wanted to extend the pavement life of Everhard Road, a major street through town, and knew that asphalt overlay membranes were cost effective systems. The two longitudinal widening joints and the major transverse joints/cracks were waterproofed and reinforced with a composite (fabric with grid) material.

Everhard Road then received an intermediate asphalt course followed by an overlay fabric installed full length and width. Finally, an asphalt surface course is applied. By extending the pavement life the city will preserve the investment they have made in Everhard Road and the traveling public will benefit from an improved surface and a postponed reoccurrence of roadway construction inconvenience.