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Widening Joint Waterproofing/Reinforcement

Hopewell Drive - Licking County, Ohio

Owner - City of Heath

Designer - Jobes-Henderson

General Contractor - Layton Excavating/The Shelly Company

Geosynthetic provider/Installer -
PS Construction Fabrics, Inc.


Hopewell Drive is a fairly busy section of roadway in the City of Heath, Ohio. Hopewell has been
widened in the past and resurfaced. Many transverse joints existed at a fairly regular spacing and during winter months seemed to heave excessively. The widening joint on both sides had also reflected through the surface. The City has had great results in the past from geosynthetic installations by PS Construction Fabrics, so they
contacted us, and an application was proposed.

All cracks and joints were cleaned and sealed with a hot applied rubbized joint sealant. A composite overlay product, STARGrid+PF, was applied to the longitudinal joints and a heavy-duty membrane, PavePrep, was applied to the larger transverse joints. Both products were adhered to the existing pavement with hot applied liquid asphalt cement. The reformation of cracks and joints will be retarded or stopped. Those cracks, which eventually do form, are well waterproofed.