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Overlay Fabric

Lake Local Schools - Hartville, Ohio

Owner - Lake Local Schools

Designer - Ricciuti Balog and Partners Architects

General Contractor - Central Allied Enterprises

Geosynthetic Provider/Installer -
PS Construction Fabrics, Inc.


Lake Local Schools has successfully utilized overlay fabrics and composite fabrics like
STARGrid+PF on other projects in the school district. The overlay fabric is used in areas to
waterproof and provide reinforcement while the STARGrid + PF is used in areas requiring
waterproofing and greater reinforcement. Interlayers help retard the formation of reflective
cracks. The composite was installed at the bus garages, where the pavement required greater
reinforcement due to frequent heavier traffic loads. This composite will enhance the pavement
section. The extended pavement life will protect the investment the owner has made.